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Guangzhou Super-Dragon Engineering Plastics --- The Plastic for Your Cars and Electronics.

       Super-Dragon Engineering Plastics was established by Yuanzeng Hao in 1998. The company focuses on research and development of plastic modification, engineering plastic alloys, functional polymer materials, and thermoplastic elastomers. The company is also responsible for conducting business of its products and giving the consultation service for technical matters. In the existence of solid and hardworking research group, it has been the culture for the company to endow warm treatment for their scientists, which enables them be given granted to have their own thoughts freely implemented in the laboratory. The company has been successively undertaking challenging scientific projects given by the state and province and its relevant achievements have always been promising. Company’s modified plastic annual production reaches 100000 tons. The company has nearly all kinds of performance measurement equipment. Company’s products are widely used for automobile, household appliances, electronics, electromotor tools, office work tools, construction tools, electrical engineering tools, medical devices, LED, and many more.

       Super-Dragon plastic products include modified general plastics such as: PP, PE, TPE, ABS, HIPS, AS, AES; modified engineering plastics: PBT, MPPE, POM, PET, PA6, PA66, PC, PVC, PVC/ABS, PA1010, PA12, PA1012, PC/PET, PA/PP, PP/PET, PC/ABS; special engineering plastics: PPS, PEEK, and PCT; functional polymers such as: magnetic materials, insulating heat PA, insulating heat PP, heat-electric conduct PPS, antistatic material, antispray PP, antigalvanize ABS, antibacterial plastics as well as master batch products: coloring particles, filling particles, and fire resistance particles.


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