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Water Contact Fluid Engineering Application Case Analysis

Key words:Selon,MPP,MPC,MABS,MPA,MPET,MPB Source:Guangzhou Selon release time:2015-05-16

Water contact fluid engineering is closely related to our daily lives, its typical examples are water valve and water pump. Parts for water valve and water pump, such as impeller, shell, valve core, pipe joint, splitter, and water mixing valve are traditionally manufactured using metal materials. However, it is known that metals have large specific gravity, weak corrosion resistance, easily stained, easy to rot, easy to oxidize and therefore bacteria is accumulated in surroundings metal oxide compound, easy to leak (pipes used to connect joints in valve and pump are usually made from polymers, they relatively have bigger heat expansion coefficient than metals itself, when the internal and external temperature happen to have greater difference, valves and pumps will not be expanding as significant as the plastic pipe, and hence it will cause gap in the joint part), as well as the restriction on the degree of freedom while designing it.


As problems being said above, our company has managed to explore water contact fluid engineering made using special PPE series materials and modified PP. Below are the characteristics of these materials:

1.     1. Better cleanness and safety, third parties RoHS, REACH, LFGB, had these proved.

2.     2. Good heat resistance, low linear expansion coefficient, and suitable for metal insertion just like metals.

3.     3. High mechanical strength, low creep deformation at high temperature.

4.     4. Low water absorption, good hydrolysis resistance.

5.     5. Low relative density

6.     6. Favorable processibility, high production efficiency and high degree of freedom design.


Except the excellent properties mentioned above, this material series could be flexibly designed to meet the customer requirements. Therefore, there are many more characteristics in these materials, such as high gloss, high flow, high strength, and high color stability. In the present, these water contact fluid materials have been produced in batches of which made us earned the certainty from our customers.


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