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Technology research and development platform

The strategic emerging industries demonstration project in Guangzhou 

The key laboratory of thermoplastic functional polymer materials in Guangzhou 

National revitalizing trade through science and technology innovation base in Conghua Guangdong province (new materials)

SELON public technology research and development platform

Possessing their own R&D center —— polymer materials used in home appliance engineering technology research center in Guangzhou

34 people are professionally engaged in R&D, and there are 15 people with master’s degree or above or high title. 

Perfect experimental workshop: small production line 3 machines, pilot production line 2 machines

SELON has a perfect laboratory, including various equipment: Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Fourier transformation infrared spectrometer, Differential scanning calorimeter and so on, and developing more than 500 brands of PP, PA, PBT, PET, ABS, PC, PPS, PPO and other engineering plastics and alloy product. 

Industry university research cooperation

At present SELON establishes the manufacture-academic-research cooperative relationship with domestic famous universities and research institutes such as Zhoushan University, South China University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou institute of chemistry, Sinopec, Dongfeng Automotive Research Institute. The successfully cooperative manufacture-academic-research projects were 7 nearly three years, and the company was awarded as“National manufacture-academic-research cooperate innovation award”

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Technical support

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