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1. Idea:

Gathering world’s talents.

Creating stable and sturdy industry.

Talent, Wealth, and Selon.

2. Company’s Missions:

To build a stage of dream realization and one’s life value for our entire crew, yielding entire crew’s happiness in their materialistic and culture life, walking together towards common wealth path, bring about “land to the tiller”, “portion to the contributors”. As the importance on inheriting ancient culture of China, we hope that all crews could afford their insurances in case they got sick, could take care of themselves when they got age, give birth to and cultivate their own children, and show filial respect to the elders.  

3. Operation Idea:

Providing systematic solution scheme in techniques, product quality and services. 

4. Enterprise Objectives:

1. Focusing on customer demands;

2. Seeking customers’ trust;

3. Provide high technical product;

4. To obtain mutual benefits and common developments.

5. Operation Principles:

Product Quality, Safety, Environmental Friendly, Respect and Love to Nature and People.  

6. Company’s Position: PP Composite Fine Materials, Functional Polymer Materials and Special Engineering Plastic Manufacturer.

7. Manager Principles

Only straight standing person could lead their people.

Only selfless could move and touch their people.

Be strict with oneself and eliminate the thought of inappropriateness.

8. Company’s Vision: 

       We are dedicated eternally, striving our best for industrialization of general plastics, high performance endowment of engineering plastics, seeking the most proportional balance achieving low cost and high properties of special engineering plastics. Constantly pursuing our dreams on providing the most favorable quality-price ratio for our customers with our best comprehensive solution scheme in techniques, qualities, services, and supplies. Not only exploring and providing products with advanced additional value, but also in our full awareness of responsibility to propose the best technical services.  Focusing on operation of our customers, to possess the study-spirit towards popular brand enterprises. Furthermore, we sustainably develop our management system in order to continuously increase our quality product, gain respect and trust as an excellent modified polymer materials manufacturer. Turning us to be the leading plastic modifier enterprise in the scope of new application field materials, functional polymers, and new energy resources. Building a powerful vitality of our product, untiringly striving it to be listed in the top rank in the field as well as internationally acknowledged high-tech enterprise. 

9. Company’s Value: Customer Always Right, Loyalty and Grateful, Passion and Enthusiasms, Honesty and Caring.

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