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Super-Dragon: Light diffusion PC materials

Key words:Super-Dragon Source:www.gzselon.com release time:2015-07-03

With the progress of science and technology, the iteration of products has quickened step by step, and the plastics industry has also put forward higher requirements. The light diffused PC material utilizes the multiple scattering effect of the organic microsphere with specific diameter to the incident light, so as to achieve the effect of transforming the point light source into the surface light source. Due to the different application fields, the functional characteristics of PDPC will also have corresponding bias, so before looking for materials, we should first understand the characteristics and requirements of the products we want to produce. After fully understanding the product requirements, we should also test the specific requirements such as haze, light transmittance, strength and toughness. For example: to produce LED lampshade, we should know the haze, transmittance and other characteristics of the material. The suitable LED material should be smooth, glossy and bright after injection molding. Besides, the product should maintain the transmittance of the polycarbonate and make the visual experience of the lamp soft and comfortable.

Light diffused PC materials will have different transmittance, haze, strength, toughness and flame retardancy due to their different application fields. The application of poly dragon light diffused PC material is very extensive. It is widely used in LED lampshade, lamp tube, electronic display board, digital tube, light box advertising board and other fields. It can also be used as a special production material for cosmetic packaging bottle.


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