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  • HRD
  • 1
  • Bachelor
  • Conghua,Guangzhou
  • 5-years

Human resources director HRD:

Job requirements:

Sexs, 30 to 45 years old, bachelor degree or above, human resources, business management, such as management class specialized graduation, more than 5 years more than 1 billion yuan enterprise human resource management in field working experience, experience in listed companies, understand application enterprise SAP system is preferred.

Please read carefully the responsibility:

1, senior management positions to help policy makers to formulate the company development strategy, responsible for its function field in short-term and long-term decision-making and strategies, an important impact on the company's long-term goals to achieve.

2, leading the new human resource conformity and compliance of the preparing work before three board;

3, to the company's policy makers to provide Suggestions in aspects of human resources, organizational structure and is committed to improve the level of company management, control the human resource cost;

4, establish and perfect the system of human resource management, research and design of the human resource management model (including recruitment, training, performance, remuneration, talent development, talent team and staff development system of the comprehensive building of), to establish and improve the system of human resource management;

5, timely handling major human resources issues in the process of company management, to set career goals for employees and channel, for staff career planning guidance and planning;

6, planning and implementation of incentive compensation policies, enhance the effective output of talent,

7, refining, summarizing, standardize the cultural idea of our company, and through the system and the activities in the daily work, formed distinctive enterprise culture.

Please carefully read professional:

1, has a good track record.

2, understand the modern enterprise human resources management mode and practice experience, the various functions of human resource management modules have a deeper understanding, familiar with relevant national policies, laws and regulations;

3, quick and efficient work, strong planning and implementation ability of execution;Have affinity, strong motivation, communication, coordination, team leadership, sense of responsibility, the dedication to work;

4, have good interpersonal skills, organization and coordination ability, communication skills and ability to solve complex problems.

  • CFO
  • 1
  • Bachelor
  • Conghua,Guangzhou
  • five-years

Chief Financial Officer CFO:

Job requirements:

30 to 45 years old, registered accountants, bachelor degree or above, financial management, accounting, financial, economic and management specialized graduation, more than 5 years of large and medium-sized manufacturing of high and new technology enterprise financial management working experience, experience in financial management of listed companies at home and abroad, familiar with the listed company financial regulatory requirements is preferred.

Please read carefully the responsibility:

1, senior management position, policy makers in planning of company development strategy, suitable for medium and long-term planning, decision-making and strategy for the development of the company;

2, fully responsible for the company's financial management work, to assist the company to promote the new three board project, integrating related listed company financial information;

3, fully responsible for the company as a whole fund management, cost control, tax management, establish and perfect the financial system and process and is responsible for the implementation;

4, make the company's financial planning, annual, quarterly financial report formulate and adjust corporate strategy operation;

5, familiar with capital market operation of listed companies, foreign equity issuance, placement, maintenance, operation of fund managers, investment institutions, investor relations, internal employee option incentive plan formulation and implementation;

Familiar with the listed company mergers, acquisitions, restructuring business evaluation and the specific implementation.

Please carefully read professional:

1, have a good track record;

2, proficient in cost, taxation, enterprises listed on the tax plan as a whole and planning ability;

3, strong cost management, risk control and the ability of financial analysis, financial analysis, financing and money management skills;

4, have strong ability of analysis, judgment, decision-making, interpersonal communication, coordination, planning, implementation and team management ability;

5, good professional dedication and professional ethics.

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